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Combine Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Into
a Single Solution


Nucleus is a 5-axis, in-development modular, large scale, hybrid system, capable of both metal additive and subtractive manufacturing.

The motion system is based on five linear actuators and two axis of rotation allowing a maximal load of 100 kilograms. Every industry deserves its own suitable equipment. That is why, multiple tools can be equipped on Nucleus. Our system is compatible with wire arc, plasma, electron beam, and laser cladding systems.


Nucleus is programmed with automated tool changing between subtractive and additive equipment.


The included software and calibration procedure easily enable tool shift and setup.

A smart implementation of the embedded software also permits an automated calibration of the integrated 3D scanner. Computer vision is primordial for data acquisition, quality assessment, and control. Our 3D sensor automatically acquires 3D point clouds of the part to quickly localize it in space. The provided graphical user interface also allows visualization and volume computation for toolpath generation compatible with any CAD and CAM software. 

Because hybrid manufacturing is not only a motion system and manufacturing tools, Nucleus is also provided with a cooling system, safety protocols, and desktop software from where the hybrid system can be fully controlled. 

The combination of Nucleus with Element X software makes it easy to assess the general state of the part and repair it if needed. In fact by combining the data acquisition by the 3D scanner, the results of the repair strategy computed by Element X and the tools equipped on Nucleus, our system is capable of automatically remanufacturing damaged 3D parts in-situ.  

R&D on Nucleus have shown fair results in terms of repair quality, around 0.3 mm. These results have been obtained in several hours drastically decrease the leading time compare to common remanufacturing or even replacement. 

We are actively looking for partners to bring further this technology

If you want to be part of the adventure 


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