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3D scanning and CNC Setup Time Savings

This article focuses on how to significantly reduce CNC setup time using computer vision and more precisely, 3D scanning.

While manufacturing or remanufacturing, it is important to keep the machines busy in order to maintain shop productivity. Machine setup can represent one of the major time losses when it comes to dealing with small lot sizes and high mix production.

Machine Setup

By combining traditional probes such as a touch setter with 3D scanning equipment, it is possible to fully automatize the setup process while making it a lot faster and accurate. At Elementiam, we provide a wieldy and affordable solution capable of automatically calibrating the motion axes and the working space.

Let's take the example of a 5-axis CNC machine. Element X software, in combination with a 3D scanner, is capable of automatically setting up a reference frame with origin and localizing the rotation axes. The resulting parameters can then be used for machining, cladding, or 3D printing path planning.

Part localization

Machining and repair processes require to precisely know where the stock or the damaged part is. By automatically scanning a rebuilding a 3D model, it is possible to find the localization and the orientation of the part.

Once the part has been localized in space, the manufacturing or remanufacturing process can be executed. The entire scanning procedure is fully automated and embedded into Element X software. The videos present the scanning and machining steps applied on a box. The entire process took less than 5 minutes from the operator clamping the box to the table to the end of the machining process.

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