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Element X: Scanning process

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

A new version of Element X software is now available for beta testing. Among the new updates, Element X 2021 enables automated scanning of parts using a structured light 3D scanner and a smart and fast calibration process. Scanning 3D parts has never been as easy, with a single hit on the keyboard , Element X scans the part under different perspective and rebuilds a virtual model.

The virtual model can then be manipulated and analysed with Element X tools to identify morphological changes and extract the damaged areas.

Scanning options & system integration

Because every part requires a specific treatment, the scanning process is fully modular. Element X's scanning and point cloud reconstruction process has been developed to support different types of scanning sequence. According to the geometry of the scanned part, the user can create its own customized scanning sequence.

Element X is a standalone software that can be integrated into any robotic system. The scanning process is controlled using G-code commands which makes it easy to incorporate.

For more information:

For data acquisition, assessment and more, you can contact our team through our mailing rubric available on the main page.


  1. Scanning area : 590 x 404 mm

  2. Suitable for 5-axis CNC machine and robotic arm

  3. Fully automated virtual volume reconstruction

  4. Data acquisition and analysis

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