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Automated Welding using 3D scanning

Two weeks ago, Elementiam team started a set of experiments to study the impacts of 3D vision on robotic welding. The goal was to investigate the accuracy and practicability of remote robotic welding.

Remote robotic welding could significantly improve welders' working conditions and safety by relocating them into a protected environment isolated from toxic fumes and high-temperature plasma sources.

The experience included a 3-axis CNC machine with a wire arc torch mounted on the end effector. Two plates (one planar, one cylindrical) with a 90° orientation from each other were placed on the welding table.

At first, the plates were scanned and the resulting point cloud was automatically imported into Element X. The operator then picked a set of points on Element X 3D visualization window to create a 2D path. Based on the selected points, Element X eventually created a 3D conformal path with a resolution of 0.3mm. The computed was then exported to the machine firmware for welding.

The experiment detailed above is the first experiment of a series of experiments aiming to show the benefits of remote robotic welding. More to come in the next weeks

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