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Elevate Your Manufacturing Game with Elementiam's Expert Consulting


Maintenance - Repair - Operations

At Elementiam, we understand the importance of reliable MRO capabilities for companies in the manufacturing industry. That's why we offer expert consulting services designed to help companies develop their MRO operations and reach new heights of efficiency and performance. Our team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by companies in this field, and we use our knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions that meet their unique needs. From identifying areas for improvement to implementing new processes and technologies, we're dedicated to helping companies improve their MRO capabilities and achieve their goals.

Custom Inspection and Repair systems

Elementiam is a leader in providing custom hardware solutions for the inspection and repair of critical assets in the oil and gas, mining, and transportation sectors. Our team of experts combines their technical knowledge and experience in these industries to design hardware systems that meet the unique requirements of each project. Our hardware systems are designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of inspection and repair processes, ensuring that assets are maintained to the highest standards. Whether it's a custom solution for a single asset or a fleet-wide implementation, Elementiam is dedicated to delivering innovative hardware solutions that help companies achieve their goals in these demanding industries.




Additive and Hybrid Manufacturing to Scale

Scaling up additive manufacturing (AM) systems beyond the limitations of laser powder bed is a driving force for Elementiam's product platforms. Our expertise is anchored in a deep understanding of the material and process interaction. We provide expertise in scalable AM solutions with CNC, robotic kinematics, and various energy sources such as plasma, wire arc, and laser-directed energy deposition.

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Innovative AM  Materials

Identifying, selecting, and optimizing appropriate material systems for additive manufacturing requires a deep understanding of the manufacturing process and material systems. Elementiam provides services to identify suitable materials for your AM project and provide the optimum manufacturing process parameters for obtaining the most out of your selected material system.


Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing opens up exciting possibilities in redesigning products for improved performance. Our design experts provide you with insights for capitalizing upon the gains offered by the design freedom, part and assembly consolidation, and functional design while leveraging the supply chain benefits,  digital inventory, and manufacturing capability of AM. 

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Metrology and Maintenance Solutions

Inspection and quality assessment are at the heart of Industry 4.0. Elementiam provides cutting edge sensing technology to evaluate the quality of materials and equipment throughout the entire manufacturing process. Thanks to its robust software application, Elementiam is also capable to use the acquired data to compute a repair strategy for key industrial equipment.

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