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Elementiam Materials and Manufacturing Inc. supplies industries with expertise and software-based products in advanced manufacturing and novel materials processing. 

Introducing hybrid manufacturing software and hardware systems for industrial equipment, we deliver on-demand computer-aided maintenance and remanufacturing solutions for high-mix products to help OEM to develop their manufacturing and remanufacturing capabilities 



Turning machinery dreams into pixel perfect realities


Element X is a cutting-edge software designed for industrial equipment maintenance and repair. It combines the latest technologies in 3D scanning, morphological analysis, and toolpath generation to provide a seamless, single-step solution for assessing and repairing equipment. This advanced software eliminates the need for multiple separate applications, as it combines 3D scanning and toolpath generation in a single step. Element X is machine agnostic, making it compatible with a wide range of 5 axis CNC machines and robotic systems. This all-in-one solution streamlines the maintenance process and ensures that inspection and repairs are carried out efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Element X is available as a package including a 3D scanner and a license, making it an all-in-one solution for industrial equipment assessment and repair.


At Elementiam, we understand that inspection and maintenance are critical components of any industry. That's why our team of experts offers on-site consulting services to help companies optimize their capabilities. Our goal is to gather data using 3D vision and Ultra sonic sensors and understand the unique needs of each company, and then use that information to develop custom hardware solutions for high mix and large scale inspections. Whether it's through the development of custom inspection equipment, or by providing guidance and expertise, we are dedicated to helping companies reach their full potential and stay ahead of the competition. With our focus on innovation and attention to detail, Elementiam is the perfect partner for any company looking to take their inspection and maintenance processes to the next level.

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