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Automated, robust, multiscale, and customized turnkey solutions for wicked advanced manufacturing problems


Elementiam Materials and Manufacturing helps OEM to develop their manufacturing and remanufacturing capabilities by introducing hybrid additive manufacturing software and hardware systems for industrial equipment


Our main product Element X provides automated repair strategies for dimensional and surfacing repair using Laser cladding, cold spray and WAAM systems. Element X enables to significantly reduce set-up time and resources consumption while providing a single step standard process for repair.

See how we can help you assess the state of your equipment and assist you in remanufacturing it using 3D printing.

Save up to 50% of the initial part value and up to 60% of the energy and material consumption compared to traditionnal remanufacturing and replacement processes thanks to ELEMENT X

Contact and send us a 3D scan of your damaged equipment and its nominal version and our team of experts will provide you with toolpaths for pre-machining, additive repair, and surfacing, for your machines.