10X your robot

10X your robot and CNC machine using Element X, a 3D scan-based software for mass customization applications 

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From 3D scanning to Path Planning

Element X is a one-window software for 3D inspection and path planning taylored for large-scale addditive manufacturing, maintenance and repair applications. 

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Inspect, Plan, Weld & Repair 

Automated Repair

Using 3D scanning vision, Element X software provides an automated repair strategy for damaged industrial equipement based on hybrid additive manufacturing 

In-situ Welding and Overlay

Plan in-situ welding and overlay paths based on real 3D scanned data. No programming required.

Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

Design and manufacture high quality parts using additive and machining path planning. Suitable for metal and plastic large scale 3D printing. 


3D scan your part using Elementiam or your own 3D scanner


Register the scan to identify damaged areas, modify the part, add geometrical features 


Generate multi-axis NC codes and robotic codes using our built-in 3rd party pluggin. 


Run the code on your machine

Increase Flexibility

Using Element X, One machine can now execute 10 tasks, with custom robotic programs in less than 2 minutes

Reduce Lead Time

Element X is a programming-free software, reducing downtime up to 50% 

Minimum Training 

Element X has been designed by mechanical enginners and machine operators for machine operators

Shorter ROI

Unlock the full potential of automation systems for production and repair applications

Oil & Gas

Maintenance, overlay and repair for a high variety of equipment including ground engaging teeth, primary and secondary crusher teeth, Valves seats and gates, pipes and flanges. 


Repair, maintenance and manufacturing of earth moving equipment. Program generation for direct energy deposition and laser cladding operations. 

Mining & Transportation

Truck and excavator repair and maintenance. On-site low volume manufacturing.

Unlock the full potential of your automated system

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