Dimensionnal Repair

Restoration of a damaged propeller through the utilization of hybrid additive manufacturing techniques. The damaged and reference components are scanned, allowing for the identification of damaged areas by comparing the two. Element X then automatically devises a repair plan, which involves pre-machining to prepare the damaged surfaces, material deposition using laser metal deposition, and final surfacing.

Surfacing Repair

Unlike dimensional repair, surfacing repair utilizes only the data obtained from the scan of the damaged part for the repair, making it ideal for planar and cylindrical repairs. This video demonstrates the repair procedure of a damaged steel plate serving as the floor for a mining truck bed.

Robotic Welding 

Element X offers a solution for in-situ robotic welding and overlay. Leveraging RoboDK as third-party robotic simulation software, Elementiam has created a programming-free toolchain for rapid and versatile robotic welding operations.

Hybrid Manufacturing 

This video introduces a collaborative initiative with the ADAMS lab at the University of Alberta, delving into rapid investment casting using hybrid manufacturing. The primary objective is to expedite the production of a sacrificial wax model for future metal casting applications.

API and 3D printing 

Element X offers an advanced API for complex 3D printing, including multi-planar, non-planar and conformal slicing strategies. 

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