Element X 

  • Single Stage Setup

  • Part Registration

  • Damage Detection

  • Surface Pre-Repair

  • Subtractive Path Planning

  • Additive Path Planning

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility

Combine Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing Into a Single Solution

Element X is a single-stage setup software that is cross-platform, versatile, and easy to use, allowing quick integration with your existing hybrid manufacturing workflow for improved automation of damage detection, part preparation, path planning in both subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes. The software provides automatic registration, damage detection, and volume processing in a flexible user-centric workflow.  Element X provides you with all the tools in one interface to completely address and automate your repair digital manufacturing process.


Inspection & Repair

Automatically compute a repair strategy from 3D scanned data to toolpath generation including pre-repair machining, material deposition and finishing

Accuracy up to 0.2mm

Volume up to 1m³



Inspection & Repair

For inspection  and maintenance planning of large planar and cylindrical components including damage identification and characterization 


Accuracy up to 0.2mm

Volume up to 1m³


Local Clad

Easy 5-axis Cladding

Semi automated cladding path planning with holes detection

Conformal 3 and 5-axis path planning based on in-situ scanned partial data for laser metal deposition, coating and overlay 



Machine Setup and calibration

Component localization inside a 3D space for machine calibration and part setup

Inpection and Repair path planning Services

Submit the scans or 3D models of your damaged components, and our team of experts will help you design a repair strategy from damage inspection to toolpath computation.