Your new solution for metal 3D printing 
  • Custom software and hardware design 

  • In situ process sensor fusion

  • Closed-loop control

  • Micro step motion 

Your new customizable
WAAM system

Isotope is a wire arc additive manufacturing system, customizable in terms of both scale and degrees of freedom, ranging from 2 to 8 axes of motion. Isotope is capable of printing geometrically complex parts with a large variety of materials. Its embedded controller complements a user-friendly software.

Additive manufacturing is much more than a motion system and a welding unit. Thanks to its closed loop process, Isotope is capable of dynamic control to guarantee the optimal 3D printing conditions. Isotope is equipped with microstep controllers which enables accurate printing. The consumable wire electrode ensures parts can be manufactured at low cost and quickly. The WAAM technology also permits to save material and energy compared to traditional milling techniques.  


At Elementiam, we know that every client comes to see us with specific needs. That is why, Isotope is fully customizable in size, materials and degrees of freedom.

With a competitive price and a certified reliability, Isotope represents the perfect tool for high mix industries dealing with complex geometrical parts.

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