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All the Tools in One Interface to completely Address and Automate your Inspection and Repair Digital manufacturing process

Element X is a single-stage setup software that is cross-platform, versatile, and easy to use, allowing quick integration with your existing hybrid manufacturing workflow for improved automation of damage detection, part preparation, path planning in both subtractive, and additive manufacturing processes. The software provides automatic registration, damage detection, and volume processing in a flexible user-centric workflow.  Element X provides you with all the tools in one interface to completely address and automate your repair digital manufacturing process.

Element X has been developed to easily access automated remanufacturing processes using machining and metal 3D printing. 

Using Laser cladding, cold spray and WAAM systems. Element X enables significantly reduces set-up time and resource consumption while providing a single-step standard process for repair.



Why choose Element X


25% - 50%

of the initial part value

60% - 80%

of the energy and material consumption

up to 50%

Improve turnaround time


Inpection and Repair path planning Services

Contact us to know which plan best fits your business !

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